Today is actually in memory of Elisabeth as she is not yet a recognized saint.  So, we must promote her cause daily with our prayers and devotions.  Thank you for doing all that you can in honor of this holy woman!

Elisabeth suffered many pains, one of them being infertility and a childless home. Her other great sufferings were her husband’s unbelief in God.  She by her great love for God and the Church offered her physical, emotional and spiritual sufferings to Christ Jesus Crucified to win back her husbands soul from the great errors of atheism she united her heart to our Trinitarian God.  She never once questioned the unique call that she was given by Our Lord.  She embraced her cross with humility and love, just as Christ Jesus did for all of us.

Elisabeth Leseur 
Quotes from My Spirit Rejoices
“My present trial seems to me a somewhat painful one, and I have the humiliation of knowing how badly I bore it at first. I now want to accept and to carry this little cross joyfully, to carry it silently, with a smile in my heart and on my lips, in union with the Cross of Christ. My God, blessed be Thou; accept from me each day the embarrassment, inconvenience, and pain this misery causes me. May it become a prayer and an act of reparation.”

The cause for the CANONIZATIONof Elizabeth Leseur is being handled in Rome by:

Fr. Vito GomezPostulator Generalis
Curia Generalizia dei Padri Domenicani
Convento Santa Sabina (Aventino)
Piazza Pietro d’Illiria, 100153 Roma (Italia)
Telephone: (39) 6 57 941
Fax: (39) 6 57 50 675